29th August 2017

CELL is the sculpture, shines the light on the shadow, combines the unique spherical structure and
LED light. Also, creating an atmosphere around our space makes you feel like being in the micro cells.

We use 3D printing technology and minimization features of LED so as to produce the structure of CELL. What is more, we place electronic component into the hollow structure, which makes products more purity, sense of visual penetration and super-light weight.

28th August 2017

CRYSTN is the glass container design of multi-modular which uses the characteristic of glass materials, unique temperature control technology of mold and produced by mold-blown glass, that for creating crystallization and the beauty of liquid flow.

The inspiration of CRYSTN display comes from crystalline group, according to research geometry and structure of crystalline which find out the mode of crystalline forming and the possibility of multi-modular. By cutting different heights, to create the effects of multiple functions and display for containers.

We don’t define the container functions who are from cutting by different heights to create more possibilities of multiple uses.

Hexagon design at the bottom of the container can achieve the function of the intuitive display.

Because of form of the ripple on the surface, can make the clutter content reach the effect of visual blurring.

Repeated experiment in the process, we realize the glass characteristic, mold temperature-control, limitation of blowing forming, design and recycling process, make CRYSTN become 100% recycling products.

CRYSTN uses lead-free glass materials and produced by mold-blown glass. First of all, heat the mold to reach the specific temperature then blowing. After blowing forming, deliver in cooling furnace to cool down and form gradually, then carry on cutting and polishing. The residual materials after cutting can recycle and reuse to become the raw materials. This process minimizes the material waste.

In accordance with repeated experiment and challenging traditional craftwork, we hope to combine craftwork with design to break the boundary line of craftwork and industrial products which to create new products and new possibilities.

26th August 2017

TERRACE is a multifunctional tray which is using the waste materials of marble slate to redesign and develop.
The design is to connect marble sheet with plastic base, according to the thickness of plastic base to create the sense of visual suspension, and to reduce the heaviness of marble. At the same time, using the feature of material hardness (marble hardness is bigger than 3 and plastic hardness is smaller than 3) that achieve the desired effect of scratch proof when putting on the table and stack each other.
Additionally, through the monochrome plastic base to reduce the colorful marble which to make the sense of sight achieve the beauty of color balance.
Through 3 kinds of different form and every unique color and texture of marble, the users can stack and put it whatever they want, just like TERRACE in nature.

10th August 2017

After realizing the process of production and manufacturing of stone materials, hoping through the existing processing technology of marble slate (by cutting, polishing, anti-rust and protection painting) which to renew and transferring the waste materials to become products by design, and to create its worth again.